How to Place Paintings to Add More Decor to a Room

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Team Innu
Paintings, if arranged systematically, boosts the overall dcor of the room. Here are some important tips to do so:
The most effective tip to place paintings such that they add more dcor to a room is to keep it simple. For example, stick to the most contrasting and versatile combination of black framing and white mats. 
Hang at Eye Level
At the same time, get rid of the tendency of hanging too high. This is because the pieces midpoint should be at the eye level. This is irrespective of whether the piece is a square, portrait, or of a landscapesize. In a dining room, a painting should be placed lower, as people usually sit in this area. 
Put in Scale
In case of too many pieces above the couch, they need to be in scale. This means they should not be too big or too small. Generally, the paintings width should be 75% of the couchs width. 
In the bedroom, consider having a set of personal portraits or a single landscape showing a family photograph. 
Have Odd Number of Artworks
While grouping in a living room just above the sofa, consider having an odd number of artworks. With one image in the middle, the remaining even number of paintings can boost the wall decor. For a more exciting look, have lighting just above this set and let the set be of a single theme such as florals, natural scenes, abstracts, or of people.
Paintings when displayed according to the space turns out to be wonderful pieces of dcor and hence reinvent the dcor in your home and office with paintings.

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