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Sajitha R Shankhar is an internationally acclaimed Indian artist from Kottayam district of Kerala, currently in Trivandrum. She was interested in art and literature from childhood, which lead her to pursue her BFA at Govt.Fine Arts College, Trivandrum. Her early works was in charcoal and acrylic and later spread into various mediums. Her earlier works was more of autobiographical.

She visited various countries, met many artists globally and she explored her real strength and potential in art. She has done various charcoal sketches, various series like Women and nature series, Poem of love series, Archetype series, Akkamahadevi series, Kajak series, Navagraha series and so on and she still explores.

Sajitha Shankhar has done more than 20 solo exhibitions and more than 50 group exhibitions all over the world. Her paintings are collected by various private collectors in India and abroad. Her works are displayed at National gallery of modern art Bangalore, Delhi Art Gallery - New Delhi, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, Alliance Francaise de Chennai, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, Madras Museum, Chennai, Katsuyama City centre, Japan, MSSRF, Chennai, Cleveland art Gallery, Middlesbrough.


Sajitha R Shankhar - Orignal Paintings, Reproductions & Prints