In the womb of the land: Ritesh Meshram

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Posted date:- 14 Sep 2018

6 th September – 11 th October, 2018 | 07:00 PM onwards on 6 th September| 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM | 3rd floor, Queens Mansion, G. Talwatkar Marg Fort, Mumbai

Ritesh Meshram’s recent sculptures could be called unfound objects. They give the impression of familiarity – a few seemingly made of articles one could purchase in a hardware store, others of components recovered from a scrap heap. Yet, the forms spring entirely from the artist’s mind, created by hammering, cutting, casting and soldering metal to his precise specifications.

They are carefully designed artefacts that echo or mimic bricolages. Forged mild steel, which is the predominant material, appears a natural choice of for Meshram, who was born and brought up in a steel worker’s family in Bhilai, site of a massive public sector manufacturing plant established in 1955. Whether the use of this material is part of his consciousness or coincidental, remains a question. Ritesh started out as painter before he became a sculptor.