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Posted date:- 05 Dec 2018

PAINT WITH US as Paintology is back with the most loved paint party of all times! Painting the lovely lady with acrylics on canvas. After the super love ‘Lady in Red’ painting, we now introduce ‘ The Sparking Girl’ to get your eyes all set for this painting! Paintology is known to indulge people into painting for fun, and to de-stress one’s mind and soul, for which you don’t need to know painting! Yes!! ABSOLUTELY, NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED!


These paint-parties are casual get-togethers where one does not need to be an artist to attend this event, so don’t wait and grab on your seat! Paint this beautiful girl with Paintology on canvas, with NO PRIOR PAINTING EXPERIENCE.


You will be guided step-by-step from start to paint this, and you don't need to be a painter for this! We believe that ‘ART is THERAPY’ and will help one de-stress and feel the love for art with us. Includes all the painting materials + complimentary starters and mocktail.


Come-sip-paint-much and take a beautiful piece of art with your home!