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Posted date:- 08 Feb 2019

The season of love and love birds has arrived. Celebrate love in a different way this season with your Valentine! Paintology brings to you it's first 'COUPLE PAINTING' Party , and don’t worry- all the boys or girls who don’t know how to paint, do not need to worry as we are going to help you with the drawing and painting at each and every step! You don’t need to be an artist at all to come for this fun-loving experience! Gift your love a painting experience which will be an unforgettable one, while you paint these beautiful 'Sunset date' on canvas TOGETHER! What's more special than painting together on this special day.

This painting will connect you like these lovely birds and will make your valentine feel special like never before! Join us for our first Couple-Painting Experience this Valentines day. And the best part, you do not need any painting experience for this as this will be a guided workshop. You and your partner will be given a 10" by 12" Canvas each which will make a complete painting together. And yes, you can even customize it with a love quote or your name ! 'My partner doesn't know how to paint, can he paint this?, Our answer- Yes! You need not be an artist to paint or to express love. Just come and spend some lovely moments to cherish while you celebrate this day! The ticket price given is for "Couple entry" All the art materials will be provided along with food coupons worth Rs.300 (couple)

 What you will be painting: ‘Sunset Date’ painting over Two Canvases This couple’s painting session will include each of you creating one Canvas Painting, which, when paired with the other, will complete the picture. A beautiful way to spend some time together and take home a unique souvenir of your love.