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  • Elements - Art Exhibition

    Posted date:- 27 Jun 2017

    Artists Deepa Chandran Ram, Sadanandan E C, Ashok Kumar Gopalan and B. Balagopalan exhibits their paintings at Alliance Francaise de Trivandrum. One can calmly enjoy the excellent efforts by Artist Deepa Chandran for her aborginal paintings and the various abstract paintings by other artists...

  • Painting Exhibition at Museum Auditorium, Trivandrum

    Posted date:- 25 Apr 2017

    Lion's club coordinates the painting exhibition at Museum Auditorium from 25th April 2017. A group of 12 artists exhibits their diverse medium artworks in acrylic, oil &water color. The artists include Mahesh T, Dinak Divakaran, Binesh Augustine, Binu Perukave, Suresh Dev, N.K. Sunu Kovalam,...

  • Realism matters to Artist Mahesh

    Posted date:- 08 Apr 2017

    A collection of around 20 paintings of Kottarakara based artist Mahesh is exhibited at Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan, Trivandum from 06th April, 2017. All these paintings stand separately for its realistic existence. Mahesh is a versatile artist and mediums doesn't constraint his passion,be it...

  • Artist V Mohannan's exhibition at Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Trivandrum

    Posted date:- 24 Mar 2017

    Artist Mohannan V exhibits his 40 mixed medium, acrylic and oil paintings at Lalithakala Academy Art Gallery, Trivandrum.Artist seems to be shattered by today's society where humanity and selflessness were replaced by selfishness, boundless cruelty towards innocent children & helpless women ,...

  • Murali T's Art exhibition in Kerala Lalita Kala Academy Alappuzha

    Posted date:- 15 Nov 2016

    Art exhibition of art works done by artist Murali T in Kerala Lalita Kala Academy, Alappuzha (Municipal town square, near Kodathi palam)From 22-26 November  2016Entry FREEMore than 30 art works of Murali T including the famous Nangeli paintings displayed.Click here to order his art work...